How to Use #Trending Capcut Templates from Tiktok?

CapCut is the sibling of TikTok. Did you know this fact?

For those who didn’t know, Capcut is built by ByteDance and the same company powering Tiktok. Therefore, you will see a native connection between these two platforms.

So how do you find trending Capcut templates from Tiktok?

In this article, I have taken through the process of finding most trending Capcut templates from Tiktok. Also, I have included a few Tiktok pages and alternative methods that you can follow to get popular templates.

How to use Capcut Template from Tiktok

If you have ever exported a video from Capcut made of templates, you might have seen two options. One lets you export and save the video on your device, whereas the other option is to share the video directly on Tiktok.

Two export options Capcut provides to directs upload to tiktok or save to local storage
Capcut video export options. Export and upload to Tiktok or Export to Device.

And here is the twist!

If someone chooses to upload their video directly on Tiktok, this way Tiktok gets to know the Capcut template has been used to create that it.

So while watching that video on Tiktok, you will find an option “Use In Capcut” to utilize the same template.

Here we will follow the same method. It won’t just allow you to use the template, you may also find different types of content creation ideas using the same template.

Steps to Find and Use Templates from Tiktok

Follow the steps to find trending Capcut templates from Tiktok then use them on the Capcut app.

  1. The first step begins with the Tiktok app, you must have it installed on your phone. We recommend creating an account and logging in for the best experience.

    If you are already logged in to Tiktok, then we can move to the next step.
  2. After installation open the Tiktok app and look for videos made of CapCut templates.

    Swiping through the Tiktok feed to find videos made with the Capcut template can take a long time. Instead, search “Capcut Template” on Tiktok for more relevant results. Like slow motion, photos, lyrical etc.
  3. Simply, click on the “Try this Template” once you find a perfect template.

    Tiktok Option to try this Capcut Template
  4. Now you will see the original template video. Again here you have to click on “Use template in Capcut” to confirm it.

    Confirm the capcut template on Tiktok Before using it
  5. Finally, you will be redirected to the Capcut app to create something stunning with that template. On Capcut you can read other details about that particular template. For instance template length, the required number of media, etc.

    Finally using the template on capcut app importing from tiktok

    To finalize the usage of a template click on the “Use template” button. Then select the media files and ultimately export to your desired location.

lampSave Templates for Later

You might not want to use a template right after encountering it. Instead, you can save them for later usage on Tiktok itself.

To do this you can add a heart to the video or you may add to favorite.

Tiktok Pages for Capcut Template

Creating videos with the help of Capcut templates is easy. So a large number of people avoid uploading videos directly from Capcut to Tiktok. It ruins their credibility.

Hence it may take you quite a long time to find templates from your existing Tiktok feed. So here I have shared a few dedicated Tiktok pages where they keep sharing stunning Capcut templates.

You can follow their page regularly for the latest templates. Indeed, it will also help you to personalize your feed by telling the algorithm your interest.

Tiktok Pages to Follow for Capcut Template

Here are some Tiktok pages you may follow to stay connected with the latest trend of Capcut templates:

There are so many other pages on Tiktok featuring underrated that can take your videos to another height. Don’t forget to search Tiktok to find more personalized results.

Alternatives to Get Templates on Capcut Without Tiktok

Apart from Tiktok, there are a few platforms you may follow to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. These platforms will be useful to those who don’t use Tiktok or are unfeasible to them.

1. CapCutTemp.Com

You can always visit to find the latest trending Capcut templates. Apart from just trending templates you will find templates categorized for different types of content creation.

2. YouTube and Instagram

YouTube and Instagram have become two popular platforms where creators share a sample and the template link. You can Subscribe to us on YouTube for new templates.

However, Tiktok provides a button to directly open the template on Capcut, and it has been possible only because of in-house integration.

Whilst, you have to be depended on the creator to find and use templates from Instagram or Youtube. If they share the template link only then you can use it.

If they missed mentioning the link, you may request it by leaving a comment.


I hope you found this guide helpful to find trending Capcut Templates from Tiktok. Those who don’t have access to Tiktok might follow alternative methods like our website, YouTube and Instagram. If you have any opinions or suggestions, let me know in the comments.


Can I find trending Capcut Templates from Tiktok PC?

Not yet. Generally, the templates you see on Tiktok are for mobile users, you can’t use mobile templates on a PC. Capcut has made a dedicated collection of templates for PC users.

How to find trends in a particular country?

You can use a VPN to follow the content creation trend of a particular country. Once you are connected, go to the Tiktok feed. Most likely you will find videos are on trend certainly in that geographical area.

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